Ahhh nothing like a good ol detox after a drinking or food binge especially during the holiday season to regain bodily balance. As I’ve previously mentioned, we live in a world surrounded by social media. We know what everyone is doing every second of the day which makes it easy to compare our lives to others.  Clogging our spirits with so much mess that we forget our path and journeys will never compare to others.  At times, life is overwhelming and draining.  During those periods, I shut out the world, put my phone on do not disturb and allow my thoughts to run wild.

I was one that LOVED my ratchet err reality television; you name it, I watched it.  But I noticed that after watching said shows, I would be on edge.  As silly as it sounds, I began to compare myself to them.  From clothes, to hair, to lifestyle.  And I wasn’t the only one.  My friends would take part in these ludicrous conversations as well.  If only I could get paid to go to brunch and wear gowns in the kitchen.  Oh and did I mention the judgement that would spew from our mouths.  TUH! Not only did we compare our lives to those on our screen, but we’d use the endless drama to make ourselves feel better about life.  Like yeah, I don’t have a 10-bedroom house but at least my man isn’t cheating on me with the maid.

Music can affect us in the same manner.  Think about it.  You turn on certain artist and become angry, triggered, or think ungodly thoughts.  I never realized how much these things influence me until I started to really pay attention to my mood after.  I began to remove secular things as a sort of spiritual detox.  The programs we watch and music we listen to have a deeper impact on us than we realize.  Think about it like the food we eat.  If we are constantly consuming fatty food and sugars, we’ll become unhealthy, sluggish, have clogged arteries, etc.  That same concept applies to the entertainment we consume.  It can and will weigh on our spiritual being, confuse us, anger us, and our lust grows.

I still indulge in my programs and music but I am mindful of what I allow to penetrate my spirit.  There are certain entities I don’t touch with a ten-foot pole and others I watch through a peep hole.  Aye, I’m not perfect.  I just recognize that some of it is a trigger and unhealthy.

Being in a new walk with Christ, I tend to mix the Christian stuff with secular.  But I have notice as time goes on, my desire to participate in worldly devices don’t appeal to me anymore or not as much.

Get to detoxing your spirit!


Something to think about…

  1. What’s something you need a spiritual detox from?

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