Growing up in church, I recall periods when my parents would fast. As a child, I thought fasting was simply depriving yourself of food while praying and God will grant your hearts’ desire. As we’ve discussed before, God is not a genie and doesn’t grants wishes.   Even as an adult, I still had trouble fully grasping the concept of fasting.  There was a time when I was under the impression that when you fast there is a better chance of being heard by God.  But this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. As we know, God listens to everything, the good, the bad, even when we forsake Him.  Granted, we are not required to fast but it can be useful when seeking intimacy with God.

In my quest to unveil my place in the world and in God’s kingdom, I wanted to revisit fasting and my understanding of it.  Like most, when you hear the word “fasting” you assume it means to deprive oneself of food, whether it’s refrain from eating for an entire day or during certain times in the day.  In fact, fasting encompasses more than eating (or lack thereof).  Fasting comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can fast from television, social media, spending money on unnecessary items, candy, anything. Think of fasting as denying yourself something worldly/physical. The point of fasting to glorify God and form a deeper connection with Him; to form a different level of intimacy. Secular entities can distract us from God and prevent us from building a solid, lasting relationship with Him. Think about the things you put in place of God, the things you “worship”. Oh yeah, I said it: worship. We tend to put our faith in man and material things.  We forget about God until things go south. Anytime I feel like I’m straying from God, I remove those distractions and replace them with spending time with God.  The minor changes (fasting) will make a difference.

The Lord desires a deep intimate relationship with you, do you?

Something to think about…

Think about the things you put in place of God or are distracted by…

*What have you fasted from?
*How long did you fast?
*Was your connection with God restored?



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