Though we lead busy lives, we always find time for the things and people that are important to us.  Does God have a secure place of importance in your life?  If so, how often do you spend time with Him?  Like our significant others and best friends, we must stay in constant communication with Him.  Throughout the day, I have random conversations with the Lord especially when I’m in less than ideal situations. And not in the manner you may think.  When I find myself in a dismal position I say “Okay Lord, that didn’t work out, what do you have in store for me?”.  Through my constant communication with Him, I’ve learned to discern when things are for me and when they’re not.  I still can’t hear His voice but I can feel His presence in everything I do.  You may be wondering how to begin communication/ a connection with the Lord.  You can start by spending time with Him in mediation and prayer.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Find a spot in your schedule when you will be uninterrupted
  2. Turn that phone off or put it on do not disturb
  3. Find a space that is quiet.  Depending on your preference, remain quiet or play music softly in the background, lights some candles, etc.  Set a relaxing mood
  4. Relax, close your eyes, and clear you mind.  If you find that your mind is wandering, focus on your breathing.
  5. Once you are focused, think about all your worries and blessings; place them at the Lord feet.  Participate in worship, whatever that means to you.  There is no right or wrong way to worship Him.  Talk to Him (aloud or internally), write, dance; just pour out your heart!

Crave out time in your day with the Lord. His presence will become clear.


Something to think about…

1.How often do you carve time out for the Lord?

2.What method of prayer/meditation/worship do you find most effective in communicating with God?

  1. Anthony Barnes 9 months ago

    I try to carve out time everyday for god but during the course of a busy work day I often forget to give God his time. I need to get better at giving god his time!!!!

    • Author
      Cherish Barksdale 9 months ago

      I am def guilty of being “too tired” to pray or make time. But you DO make time for Him and that’s what matters

  2. Keshia 9 months ago

    Having six children and being a stay at home mom can become overwhelming and incredibly busy. I do make time for God but not enough. I do feel selfish at times. To be honest…. I feel I only seek him when I have bad days. When I have great days I find myself not seeking him. I feel so ashamed to say that! He’s done so much for me! I know if anyone else only needed me when they are down. I would feel hurt and disappointed! I need to change this!!!

    When I do spend time with the Lord. I love putting on worship music and laying before him!

    • Author
      Cherish Barksdale 9 months ago

      I completely agree, if someone only communicated with me if something was wrong, I would probs block them haha. Luckily God doesn’t react how we do. I think the fact you recognize this is awesome and you shouldn’t feel guilty or ashamed at all. I’ve been guilty of only seeking God when something was wrong, but I’ve created the habit of talking to Him even when things are great. Think about it like this, when something amazing happens, we usually call/text someone to share the good news, do the same with God. You will create the habit of talking to Him in a positive light.

      What’s your favorite worship music?

  3. Toyce L. Price 9 months ago

    I know what Keshia mean. I have those days too. Me personally I believe I have taken God for granted. I’ve had days that I’ve been too busy to do many things. Funny or should I say not so funny how we find time to do what we really want to do. This is eye opening.

    • Author
      Cherish Barksdale 9 months ago

      It’s SO true. I find that on my most busy days, I simply just thank the Lord for the day and pray the next would be a great one. Just a short prayer like that can start the habit of making time for Him even when we’re too busy or drained from the day

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