In a previous post, we discussed shading (judging) others.  Though I am still guilty of this (aye I’m working on it), I remain firm with the idea that sin is sin, meaning no sin is smaller than or greater than the other. In essence, all sin is meant to separate us from God; though the consequences of sin will differ.  In my quest to become more diligent about reading and understanding the Bible, the theme of sin sparked interest.  We are all sinners and sin everyday; whether it’s a white lie, thinking certain thoughts, or taking someone creamer from the employee fridge.  

Though I don’t have a home church when I do go, sin is always discussed in some form or another. The lessons consider how to avoid these “vices” but not how to handle them when you mess up, because you will mess up. But we can’t sin with the thought of “Oh I’ll be forgiven”. We know without a doubt God is a loving and forgiving God but He’s to not be taken advantage of. Let’s put it perspective.  You have a forgiving significant other or friend and know no matter how much you screw them over, they will wholeheartedly forgive you.  Their forgiving nature doesn’t make your digression right.


Something to think about…

  1. Are you aware when you sin?
    • How do you keep your vices in check?
  2. Do you think you take advantage of God’s (and others) forgiving nature?
  3. Do you find yourself comparing your sin with others? (especially to justify that your sin isn’t as bad as the next person’s)

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