About a year ago, one of my best friends asked what happiness means to me.  This thought resurfaced one evening while lying in bed.  I remember staring at the ceiling complaining (amongst myself) about not being where I want in any aspect of my life and I thought am I happy?  What does it even take to make me happy? How do I categorize my happiness? How do I even know when I’m happy? In reflecting on these questions, superficial and material things came to mind.  Bubble gum ice cream makes me happy.  A nice glass of Chardonnay makes me happy.  Curling up on a cold evening to watch horror movies makes me happy.  But what about the things beyond the material.  Yo, do I REALLY know myself? I’m shook.  I’ve been sitting on this idea and questions for months now; taking the time to really discover true, undying happiness.

By definition happiness means the state of being happy (duh). Synonyms include joyful, enjoyment, pleasure, contentment and the list goes on. In the Bible, there are various scriptures that discuss happiness.  According to the “good book”, we find happiness in the Lord through faith and find joy in Christ dying for us. To be honest, that statement isn’t something tangible to me.  I’ve replayed this idea multiple times and still assessing what it means to me.  Whilst absorbing the scripture and reflecting, I figured out what makes me happy: freedom. Freedom to live, to love, to pursue passions, to be alone, to be around people, to say no, to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. Just freedom. I’m not a fan nor thrive in structured environments especially in corporate settings. I discovered i was dying working a 9-5.  Not because of the job itself, and my boss or colleagues amazing people, rather I felt I was in a box with the tiniest holes to breathe. The job wasn’t conducive of my eccentric and creative nature. The same goes for relationships (romantic and friendships).  If I sense something off or I’m uncomfortable being myself, I want no parts of it.

I thoroughly enjoy being myself and completely free.

I embrace it.



Something to think about…


1.How do you define happiness?

2.What makes you happy?

3.What steps have you taken to be happy?



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