We are in the age of oversharing on social media.  It seems most people put their business in the foreground for the world to see and form an opinion.  With an overabundance of access to others’ lives, it has become even easier to judge.  Frankly, I’ve had my fair share of judging others and exchanging screenshots among friends at the expense of others. Looking back, who did we think we were to judge anyone.  Though we all know we’re no one to judge anyone, we still do.  But why?

As part of my daily time with the Lord, I use the Bible app and its devotions as a guide.  I base the devotions I study on an aspect of life I desire to tackle.  A few months ago, the vice I wanted to overcome was my mouth.  The tongue has the power to speak life and death.  In the series of transitions I’m taking, I decided I wanted to speak more life.  Ironically the first devotional topic to cross my screen was The Forty-Day Word Fast by Tim Cameron.  The recurring theme in this devotional plan was to abstain from “death words”, passing criticism, malicious talk, pointing the finger, JUDGEMENT, and gossip.  The plan even suggested a way to ensure you don’t speak in such a manner is by being quiet.  Man, did this strike the biggest nerve. There was so much conviction in my spirit that I almost control alt and deleted the devotion.  I wanted to pretend I never laid eyes on it.  But the whole point of growth is to confront those ugly aspects of yourself head on and fix them.

We are human, therefore imperfect creatures.  In that imperfection, we tend to shade others.  It’s not a big deal, so long as we control and check it.  We must keep in mind, that because we proclaim Jesus as our Lord and Savior, it doesn’t give us the right to judge others. Being a Christian does mean being held at a higher standard but it does NOT mean we are set above anyone.  Let’s not act like we don’t have a past and made some questionable life choices.  Did I trigger you?

Our flesh is weak, so it alone won’t aid in making changes.  It’s the Holy Spirit that dwells within us that has what it takes to make a real impact.  As I’ve written in previous articles, we still must do our part to ensure changes.  Figure out where these negative thoughts and feelings stem from.  Are you projecting your insecurities on others?  What are the areas in your life that need correction?  What can you do to change your words and way of thinking?  Begin with paying attention to the words that leave your lips.  When you’re mindful of what you say, you can check yourself.  When a judgmental thought forms a dark cloud in your mind, stop.  I’d be lying if I said I catch/stop myself each time; but it’s better.

Remember John 8:7, “The one without sin, cast the first stone”.  With that said, I’ll be keeping all the stones to myself.


Something to think about…

  1. Are you guilty of judging others?
  2. Do you know the root of your judgement?
  3. How do you check yourself?

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